Palm Restaurant / Miami

Palm Restaurant- 9650 East Bay Harbor Drive Bay Harbor Island, Miami,

I am a carnivore! I love Steaks & Chops done right!  Starting with USDA Prime Dry Aged meat, cooked Pittsburgh (with a crust or char) Medium Rare.  No fuss, no sauces, just beautifully grilled meats served hot!  What makes this place so good is, that it is good every time you go. No surprises. No bad days. I guess for the money they charge it should be expected. But sadly, there are some places that will charge you more, but you wont get as good of a meal.  I usually start with a Lump Crabmeat Cocktail & a Monday salad with the special blue cheese dressing. For the entrée I order a Bone-In Rib-Eye Steak or sometimes a Prime Rib, which comes to the table looking like it was carved for Fred Flintstone.  For those of you who like seafood, the Palm also serves lobster up to about 8 pounds, which can be split and stuffed with crabmeat.  The usual steakhouse sides are here and I like the creamed spinach, cottage fries & onions and wild mushrooms.  If there’s room for dessert one of the staff makes a Rum cake to die for.

The Palm


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