The Fresh Market – Fort Lauderdale

The Fresh Market – 424 N Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale –

“Fort Lauderdale got a shiny new Fresh Market in Feb. All the stories you’ve heard are true. Find fresh meats, fish and poultry and a large selection of prepared foods. Buy your lunch and eat outside.” — Quick Bites.

I never imagined when I started this Blog that I would be covering Supermarket openings. But when the call came inquiring if I would be interested in seeing the latest and greatest Fresh Market I didn’t hesitate to say, “sure!” Now I must confess that I knew nothing about this Market except for the almost schoolgirl responses from otherwise sober and reserved folks whom I know. They’d say stuff like, “You’re so lucky to live so close to one”, “OMG, I’d be there everyday!” & “ have you seen their meat counter?” And so when the big day arrived I parked in the pristine blacktop lot and approached the building, where I was surprised by the lack of a traditional ribbon cutting setup. Curiously I asked why and was told, “We crack the parmesan at Fresh Market openings.” That’s the first tipoff that this store is all about the food and that theme continues as you walk through the doors where you’re greeted by enthusiastic store personnel prior to starting your trek around the dazzling isles brimming with foods and treats. Am I gushing too? Well…yes! And you too will be impressed. Look at some of the food shots I grabbed during the opening. . I’ve been in to the store several times since that first day and there would be no way to get these shots because of the crowds that shop throughout the day.

So what are people going crazy over? The fruits and vegetables section are what you’d expect, beautifully presented and fresh. The meat department stands out because of the large selection of fresh meats and poultry. In the pork section there are seemingly never-ending rows of different types of Sausages, Bacon and other Pork goodness. Same with the abundant offerings of fish which the company claims is delivered to the store within 2-5 days of being caught. I hovered around the prepared foods section with its Rotisserie Chickens and Wings, two types of Ribs and then sidestepped to the cold cuts area to make a purchase. There is so much to see here that one visit will not cover the endless varieties of food.  Not to be missed is a ready to eat Antipasto section, a Wine area, and baked goods counter where I purchased an amazing apple pie. Stopping by the impressive Cheese counter I picked up some of that freshly cracked Parmesan, Jarlsberg Lite and sampled NY Cheddar.  And on my final swing around the prepared foods counter I found my nosh nemesis…the salads section. The counter folks are more than happy to give you samples of all the items on display. Try some of the Chicken salads. I picked up the Curry, the Waldorf and the Rotisserie. A friend and good cook had already told me to be on the lookout for the Blue Cheese Potato Salad with the advice to add some fresh Bacon to it. Gosh that’s good!  I next bumped into the bread dept. where I found Garlic Herb Focaccia Bread, which I surmised would go well with the humanely raised, no antibiotic/hormone, vegetable fed, Uncured ham I purchased. It did indeed!

I now have a better understanding of the devotion some have for this place and plan to be back myself. But, don’t expect to see me at every new market opening!

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