Kelly’s Landing

Kelly’s Landing- 1305 SE 17th Street, 
Fort Lauderdale

You may have driven past this place on Cordova Road every day and figured it’s a regular eatery. But for those who walk through the wooden pub-like door, it’s a little bit of New England dropped down in Fort Lauderdale. So when a friend who originally hails from Boston recommended that I try it, I enlisted the help of the only alanEATS staff member from New England…my brother! His seafood eating knowledge was acquired during his 40 years in Massachusetts and I figured, who better to advise me and help pay the check. We started off our lunch with the signature New England Clam Chowder, which was rich, not too thick, loaded with clams and diced potatoes. They often offer other special soups that change daily, so do ask. Being a former New Yorker, I stuck with the familiar clam strips while my brother ordered the famous Lobster Roll.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my clams our server, with a slight Boston accent, recommended I order the whole Ipswich Clams on the next visit. Having now tried both, I will tell you that both of these are wonderfully prepared and nowhere near the HoJo variety you may have experienced as a kid.  The breading is light, not greasy and the clams are not over cooked.  My brothers lobster roll was lightly seasoned and the lobster pieces were piled high into the hot dog roll. We returned for dinner a few days later to have 2 of the whole steamed 2 ¼ lb. lobsters. And they do it New England style…just a Bug (slang for lobster) on a plate with some melted butter and you must wear your bib. If you’re the type that enjoys hunting through the little beastie for all the hidden meat you won’t be disappointed. The thing about Kelly’s is there is so much to try on the menu I know I’ll be back soon. Did I mention they have Scrod? If I’ve tempted you to try Kelly’s don’t forget to practice some of the slang you’ll find on the menu like; Chowdah, Lobstah , Gahden Burgah… it’s Bastonian you know!

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