Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza

Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza- 1415 E Las Olas Blvd, 
Fort Lauderdale

There really is a Luigi and you can see him preparing food in front of the coal oven to the rear of the dining room.  He’s authentic, from Milan I’m told, and so is the food.  Pizza here is thin and crisp with plenty of Luigi’s homemade sauce. Ok, there are several places that do coal oven pizza. This one is up there with the best. I usually order the House Salad that can feed 2 or 3. Oh yes, bring someone to eat with you or you’ll end up packing it up or making friends on-the-fly. Try the Mozzarella in Carrozza served with a dish of tomato sauce, the Chicken Wings done in the coal oven served with caramelized onions and focaccia bread and also a couple of Luigi’s Meatballs. Now let’s talk about the pizza. Pizza is one of those food products that engender a passionate following. We all know the ones we don’t like and the ones we would crawl across broken glass to get our hands on. I’ve dined at Luigi’s on several occasions and must say that I have enjoyed his crisp thin coal oven pizza. I may not be a pizza purest, but in the end I know one thing…it has to taste good. And Luigi’s did not disappoint me. Try the Margherita Napoletana Pizza. It’s simple and tasty and you can always add a topping. Now after that you’d figure, he’s done. Sorry no!  Normally I don’t have desserts, but you should not leave Luigi’s without having a portion of his Italian Cheesecake. Mangia!

© 2011 alanEATS


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